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Five Steps to Succeed

Get the most from Puerto Rico!

With the right guidance, you can boost your operations for business growth.

1. Contact PR Incentives

PR Incentive’s professional team is ready to guide and assist you in every step so that establishing your business in Puerto Rico can be a simple, efficient and seamless process. We can assist you in providing all the necessary information that might be key in your decision-making process Do it right now! Contact us.

2. Come see the country for yourself!

PR Incentives can assist in coordinating:

  • Meetings with established companies in your industry
  • Work sessions with Government authorities and Academia
  • Meetings with potential business partners

3. Select your location

Puerto Rico offers several industrial parks and business centers inside or outside the Greater Metropolitan Area. We have three important districts in San Juan: Financial District in Hato Rey, Convention District near Miramar, and the Science District in Río Piedras. Also, the aerospace cluster is consolidating in the West Coast, near Aguadilla. The East Coast, near El Yunque rainforest, is still a great area for tourism.

4. Registering your company and getting operating permits

Deciding on building and construction or improvements is crucial. Your business can either build a standalone facility or rent a facility in an industrial park. The location is a key step of the establishment process since the address of the company will be required for other permits.

5. Apply to the Tax Incentives

A Comprehensive Incentive Package is the mainstay of Puerto Rico‘s export and investment promotion strategy. It is a set of incentives and benefits granted by the Government of Puerto Rico to companies making new investments in the country and it provides tax incentives for services and manufacturing sector firms. You should definitely apply. Learn More.

Having a local team for establishment support is always a good approach. PR Incentives has identified a list of reliable service providers that can help as a liaison to local law firms, recruiting agencies, tax consultants, telecom provider, among others.

Contact us to learn how we can help with your growth plans.