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  • Act 20 for Export Services Puerto Rico
    Act 73 for Manufacture in Puerto Rico
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  • The most Competitive Incentives for Global Players

    A comprehensive incentive package is the mainstay of Puerto Rico‘s export and investment promotion strategy. It is a set of incentives and benefits granted by the Government of Puerto Rico as tools for business growth.

    While exporting to new markets carries risks, a strategic move for growth can be one of the best things you ever do for your business. Puerto Rico offers the appropriate environment for global players, encouraging companies to serve the world from the island. Newcomers to Puerto Rico can benefit from 4% corporate tax rates, access to a high-performing workforce, and top-notch facilities minutes away from the World's best beaches. Meanwhile, local companies in Puerto Rico can also leverage the incentives to expand their services and targets outside the island, promoting the development of new businesses in Puerto Rico and strengthening the ecosystem of foreign service providers on the Island.

    Incentive Power Bundle:

    • 4% fixed income tax rate on income related to the export of services
    • 100% tax exemption on income tax rate from dividends or profit distributions
    • 50% tax credit for research and development (R&D) on all payments to Puerto Rico resident companies and individuals
    • 40% tax credit for film production on all payments to Puerto Rico resident businesses and individuals

    It is important to point out that Puerto Rico operates as a Foreign Tax Structure, where federal income taxes don’t apply. It works under a Controlled Foreign Corporation (CFCs) tax treatment, in which federal income taxes are differed until repatriation of profits.


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  • The most Exciting Lifestyle in the Americas

    Puerto Rico is the key to maximizing your investments with the advantages of foreign tax incentives within a U.S. legal framework. But the island's key advantage is its lifestyle.



    Puerto Rico might be a small island, but it is surrounded by more than 270 miles of beautiful coastline. Even if you just want to spend the day relaxing and taking in the beauty of white sands and turquoise water, there’s a beach just for you. It’s no wonder why a few of them have been recognized as the best in the world.



    Puerto Rico’s culture is a lively mix of Taíno, African, and Spanish influences. You’ll experience this diversity anywhere you look, listen, and taste. The museums feature both European classics and Afro-Caribbean sculpture. The music brings together instruments, rhythms, and sounds from distant eras and places in fresh ways.



    Puerto Rico is the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean. Our culinary tradition spans centuries and combines Taíno, Spanish and African cultures, recipes and ingredients. World-class chefs lead the kitchens at many restaurants, while internationally renowned chefs have also brought their brands to the island.



    The island may be known for its sunny weather, but there’s still plenty to do when the sun goes down. San Juan is the nightlife capital of the Caribbean. Depending on your mood, there are many ways to have the night of your life in Puerto Rico. You can find an array of casinos, lounges, discos and nightclubs around the metropolitan area.

  • The most Sophisticated Partner for Growing Businesses

    In an innovative business world, Puerto Rico is ready for the challenge of emerging sectors and showing that the island of enchantment has the perfect formula to make businesses grow. The island’s unique relationship with the United States provides your corporation with all the benefits afforded for a U.S. Jurisdiction, without federal taxation. We are a country where industries thrive!

    Human Capital - PR Incentives

    Human Capital

    The World Economic Forum ranked Puerto Rico as the most competitive economy in Latin America.

    • #1 in higher education and training in Latin America and the Caribbean
    • #6 in the world in availability of scientists and engineers (STEM)
    • #20 in the world in capacity for innovation
    US Legal Framework - PR Incentives

    U.S. Legal Framework

    Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United States with fiscal autonomy.

    • A robust and stable legal system with the presence of U.S. Federal Courts
    • #1 in financial market development in the Caribbean and Latin America
    • The U.S. dollar is the official currency and banks regulated and insured by the FDIC
    • #9 in the world in intellectual property protection
    • #16 in the world in strength of investor protection
    Competitive Environment  - PR Incentives

    Competitive Environment

    Puerto Rico is the perfect bridge to continents, North and South America, and the World’s fastest growing economies.

    • #22 in the world in port infrastructure
    • #25 in the world in airport infrastructure
    • Full telecommunications connectivity
    • Part of U.S. Free-trade Agreements
    • Part of the U.S. Customs System
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